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  • dsc_7906.jpg dsc_7916.jpg dsc_7925.jpg
    Oklahoma Youth Expo
    Grand Wether Goat
    Shown by Emily Jackson ~ Hartshorne FFA
    Bred by Pfeiffer Farms
    Res. Grand Wether Goat
    Shown by Braden Schovanec ~ Garber FFA 
    Bred by
    Bronze Medallion Wether Goat
    Shown by Tyler Neely ~ Asher FFA
    Bred by

  • comingsoon.png comingsoon.png Default image
    2014 Ft. Worth
    Grand Wether
    shown by Courtney Millsap
    Bred by Hummell Livestock
    Res. Grand Wether
    Shown by Tanna cUpps
    Bred by Frey Show Goats

  • 1608580_10152113512648389_1114463085_n(2).jpg mock.jpg Default image
    National Westeren
    Denver Co
    Grand Jr Wether Goat
    Shown by Aspen Martin
    Bred by Pfeiffer Farms
    Reserve Grand Jr Wether Goat
    Shown by Grant Read
    Bred by Kevin Mock

  • 1451578_777588932258542_1388570590_n.jpg comingsoon.png comingsoon.png
    Champions Choice Jackpot
    Norman, Ok.
    Grand Champion Wether
    Shown by Kami Oller
    Bred by Hardin Show Goats
    Reserve Grand Wether 
    Shown by Lexi Vanderwork
    Bred by Helms
    Bronze Wether 
    Shown by Tye Neeley
    Bred by Schafer Farms Boer Goats

  • Hummel+naile+wether.jpg Default image Default image
    Louisville,K Y
    2013 Grand Champion Jr Wether Goat
    Shown by Tara Hummel

  • IMG_4230.JPG IMG_4243.JPG Default image
    Faulkner County Fair, Conway, AR
    Grand Champion Market Goat
    Bred by Blue Team Wethers
    Shown by Kinsey Watkins
    Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat
    Bred by Blue Team Wethers
    Shown by Kinsey Watkins

  • Picture 206.jpg Default image Default image
    SE District Fair, Pine Bluff, AR
    Grand Champion Market Goat
    Bred by Blue Team Wethers
    Shown by Kinsey Watkins

  • 2013TulsaGrandMktDoeAttraction.jpg 2013TulsaResGrandMktSoReal.jpg 2013TulsaDiv3ChampGrandBredOwnedCountry.jpg
    Tulsa State Fair
    Noah Teel, Ripley FFA
    Junior Market Doe Show 
    Grand Champion Junior Market Doe
    Bred by Broken S Ranch
    Reserve Grand Champion Market Doe
    Noah Teel, Ripley FFA
    Grand Champion Bred & Owned Doe and Div. III Champion
    Noah Teel, Ripley FFA

  • 1393392_736529769697792_1872342564_n.jpg Default image Default image
    Tulsa State Fair
    October 3, 201
    G rand Champion Market Wether Goat shown by Kami Oller of Fairview FFA.
    Reserve Champion Market Wether Goat exhibited by Morgan Craig of Fort Gibson FFA.

  • KSGrand2013.jpg Default image Default image
    Kansas State Fair
    September 7, 2013
    G rand Champion Market Wether Goat shown by Grant Simpson of Cherokee County.
    Reserve Grand Champion Market Wether Goat shown by Raylee Faris of Potawotamie County.

  • NebGrand4hgoat.jpg NebGrandBrdDoe.jpg Default image
    Nebraska State Fair
    September 2, 2013
    Grand Champion 4H Market Wether Goat shown by Hailee Pohl.
    Grand Champion Breeding Doe shown by Alyssa Hambleton.

  • MinGrandWether.jpg Default image Default image
    Minnesota State Fair
    August 24, 2013
    Erin Larson exhibited the Grand Champion 4H Market Wether Goat.
    Reserve Grand Champion 4H Market Wether Goat shown by Cal Schultz.
    Grand Champion FFA Market Goat shown by Sydney Klimesh.
    Reserve Grand Champion FFA Market Goat shown by Seth Friedrich.

  • Default image Default image
    Colorado State Fair
    August 23, 2013
    Grand Champion Market Meat Goat shown by Chelsea Dobbs of Johnstown, CO.
    Reserve Grand Champion Market Meat Goat shown by Jakob Juul of Manzanola, CO.

  • KYGrandChampMarketGoat.jpg KYResGrandChampMarketGoat.jpg Default image
    Kentucky State Fair
    August 17, 2013
    Grand Champion Market Meat Goat shown by Courtney Tarvin of Bracken County. Bred by Keinan Boers.
    Reserve Grand Champion Market Meat Goat shown by Chance Flach of Mercer County.
    Grand Champion Commercial Doe shown by Jaycie Heath.
    Reserve Grand Champion Commercial Doe shown by Morgan Maynard.

  • Ohio13Grand.jpg OHResGrandWether.jpg OHGrandDam.jpg
    Ohio State Fair
    July 20, 2013
    Michaela Ambos exhibited the Grand Champion Market Wether Goat.  Bred by Sanders Show Goats.
    Ashton Frey exhibited the Reserve Grand Champion Market Wether Goat.
    JR Mitched exhibited the Grand Champion Dam. Doe was Kendrick and Melissa Miller.

  • 1005230_10151759103243389_639524442_n.jpg Default image Default image
    Iowa State Fair
    Taylor Gonder 2013 Res. Grand FFA Meat Goat at the Iowa State Fair.  Bred by Pfieffer Farms

  • Default image Default image Default image
    California State Fair
    July 12, 2013
    Grand Champion Market Wether Goat shown by Alexandra Castello of Tracy, CA.
    Reserve Grand Champion Market Wether Goat showen by Erin Johnson of Galt, CA.

  • indiana13Grand4H.jpg INResGrandWether.jpg INGrandDoe.jpg
    Indiana State Fair
    August 5, 2013
    Megan Brooks exhibited the Grand Champion Market Wether Goat. Bred by Harour Livestock.
    Elizabeth Michels the Reserve Grand Champion Market Wether Goat. Bred by Titan Meat Goats.
    Alexis Briley exhibited the Grand Champion Doe.

  • Illinois13Grand.jpg Default image Default image
    Illinois State Fair
    Nutter Family exhibited the 2013 Overall Grand Champion Market Goat.  Bred by Team Sloan  

  • Default image Default image
    Missiouri State Fair
    Carter Ward 2013 Grand Champion Meat Goat at the Missouri State Fair. Bred by Pfeiffer Farms

    The Reserve Grand Champion Meat Goat honor went to Gage Porter 
    Bred by

  • OregonGrandFFA2013.jpg Default image Default image
    Oregon State Fair
    June 19, 2013
    Grand Champion FFA Mark exhibited by Jessica Juvinall.


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